Saturday, 21 April 2018

Chair's blog - 2018 April II

Into the New Track
We are now fully up and running at the London Marathon Community Track (LMCT) at Stratford for our training sessions. So far everything seems to have gone well and athletes seem to like the facility. There is a feedback e-mail ( which anyone can use to tell us of any problems and areas where we can improve. In September the new school will open next to the track – the Bobby Moore Academy named after England’s World Cup winning captain from 1966. We look forward to working with the pupils and staff when that happens.
One practical effect of the school opening will be the track’s own car park will become available for us to use at that time.
Just to mention a couple of upcoming events. First we are promoting an outdoor 100m event at Terence McMillan Stadium on Sunday 6th May. Competitors get 2 races and we will be setting therace direction to have wind-behind if that is possible. So fast track, electronic times and no headwind – get signed up – here is the link (
Coral Nourrice will be promoting another Open Meeting at McMillan on 24th June – details to follow.
We are also re-starting the Beagles Academy for younger athletes. Final details are being worked out. But it too will start around the beginning of May. We will post details on the website and our social media hopefully in the next week.
The club needs to build up its own base of Officials. We had hoped to run another Open Meeting in May but there are not enough Officials and Volunteers available. We will pay for members to get qualified as Officials and Coaches. The latest list of courses I shown here ( Let us know if you wish to sign up.
West Ham Looking Good
So pleased to see that West Ham United are pulling away from the Premiership relegation zone. This has been a really tough season for them and their manager David Moyes as they have had to deal with pressures on and off the field. We deal with the WHU Foundation which does lots of good work in the community through its MD Joe Lyons and the local Activator Darryl Gheerawo who is also running the Newham Network to which we both and some other local sports bodies belong. On a practical note they are up for an award for a Walking Football project. This is the link to the voting page ( If you want to support our Network partner have a look at this and vote for them.
The main stadium is staging three sets of concerts in the coming few months. There will be some days when we will move training to the McMillan Stadium because they will need the LMCT to house back-up equipment for the concerts. We will let you know these in good time. The concerts are as follows:
Rolling Stones 22 and 25 May
Jay-Z and Beyonce 15 and 16 June
Foo Fighters 22 and 23 June


  1. Please check your dates. If these dates or for 2018 then they are ALL wrong.
    May 22nd and 25th are Tuesday and a Thursday.June 15th and 19th are a Friday and Saturday as is the 22nd & 23rd

  2. your dates for concerts for 2018 shouldn't affect out training at LMCT.
    May 22nd and May 25th are a Tuesday and a Thursday. June 15th and 16th are a Friday and Saturday as is on 22nd and 30th. May I also remind you the Beagles Moved to McMillan in Match 1983 and NOT 1985 as you stated in you last email to me, All my wrongs of LMCT ere FACTS and not my opinion.

  3. Please read the blog - when there is a concert the LMCT is used to house equipment before the concert and until it is taken away afterwards. If you do not like the arrangements under which the club trains it is your prerogative not to attend.


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